Slade Wilson
"Feck off."


Slade Wilson


  • Chief Representative of the Orb Union
  • Head of ARGUS




  • Adeleine Wilson (Wife)
  • Rose Wilson (Daughter)
  • Katherine Wilson (Daughter)
  • Ilsa Gärtner (Goddaughter)

Slade Wilson is the current acting Chief Representative for the Orb Union, serving as a liaison for the six hierarchies. He is also the figure head and leader of ARGUS, keeping its public activities at the forefront and its more questionable projects in the dark. He is also responsible, directly or otherwise, for the vast majority of improvements in the Orb Union since assuming office, such as education or housing for the poor, and havens for Enhanced.


Wilson married his wife Adeleine some years before starting work as a mercenary across the Orb Union, albeit one who worked relatively more inside the law than others. One of his largest contracts was a year-long commitment to an organization titled the Cabal, commissioned by Talos Drake. There he met Jakob Gärtner and Ragna Alstad, whose daughter would later become his goddaughter due to the close relationship they had formed.

Due to an unknown incident at the end of his contract, Slade bailed on the Cabal and lost his right eye. It was after this that Wilson began to craft the identity of Deathstroke.

Sometime after the fall of the Cabal, Slade's budding political career led him to assume the office of Chief Representative of the Orb Union, simultaneously covering the activities of Deathstroke, initially, and later ARGUS.