Mjollnir fire support tank by ex pacifist

The new "Skorpion Tank"

Multi-role ArmorEdit

Due to the UNSC's recent dispossal of most of their old scorpion tanks Sangheilios bought a large ammount to take the design and form a modified tank that can be used as a true multirole vehicle. The tank now features a more angled design turret to deflect incoming shells to the main chasis while armored skirts may be issued to protect the treads. The new tread system enables the tank to "stand up" allowing it to peer over walls or get over rough terrain with ease multiplying it's options.

Rapid Fire gunEdit

The new draco light assualt cannon (a turned down gun that was going to be used as an anti infantry option for the apocalypse tank) was now installed in the new skorpion tank chasis designed and produced by Sangheilios' Armiger Corp. The gun may be reloaded in just about 1.5 seconds with the loader assistance module incorperated into the tank for Anti-Aircraft capabilities. The gun may be issued AP rounds for armor, concrete rounds or high explosive for infanty support, or more commonly flak rounds made for easily chewing up air targets that enter the medium ranged vacinity (Direct visual contact must be made for the targeting system to analyze projectory to put rounds on target)

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