Sister Tangier
AliasesTangier, Sister Tangier.
WeaponsCSMG-19 Silenced Machine Gun
Eye colorBrown

Sister Tangier is a Burning Bridges Forces and is part of Roberta 's squad, she's the squads intel officer, she is also good at seducing people with her charms.

Her power armorEdit

Sister Tangier's power armor is a new protype stealth suit. Her fave choice of weapon is a silenced machine pistol.

Sister Tangier normaly would be the spoter for Sister Quill, until her death that was.


Sister Tangier was new to the squad when the New Dawn Empire war begain, so she had to stick to the squad, sadly the squad got scattered and lost.

During which she used her training to stay alive, avoiding partols.


Sister Tangier out of her power Armor

Sister Tangier now is the squad leader of Squad Crime, everybody in the squad has done a bad crime Sister Tangiers crime is killing ten unarmed men, who really where armed.

When Roberta was brought back she was taken out of Squad Crime and sent to fight with her old squad leader, when she heard she was going to fight with her old squad leader she said, "It's what I wanted, wish the rest of the squad was alive though."

She was executed with several others by the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Life outside the squadEdit

Outside of Roberta's squad Tangier likes to relax, mainly with massages even if she's not been stressed at all she just likes to have a nice relaxing massage, she finds getting a female giving her a massage very relaxing then getting a massage by a male she finds them quite rough.