Asada Sinon Shino


UEG Criminal Investigation Bureau

Sinon was born in 2556 in Japan, Tochigi Pref. utsunomiya. When she was two her father died over six hours in a car accident before anyone noticed since they were in some country road. Her mother became very fragile. Nine years later she killed a robber while visiting some relatives in America and started fearing guns. Despite that Sinon aimed to become a police officer. Following college college Sinon she successfully achieved that life goal and joined the ranks of the UEG Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Sinon was assigned find and arrest Kayaba Akihiko for over 4,000 murders as well as his associates for human experimentation in the SAO and ALO death games against the Mortal Dictata act and human rights abuses. To find Kayaba Sinon laid a trap to capture one of his assosiates, Kit-kat, known for his foul mouth and piracy. His stupid Kig-Yar accomplices assumed gold was bananas and hit the produce ship leading to the demise of the Jackals and not so willing cooperation of Karkat. The pair then traveled to Cineris where they apprehended Desu gun and Kayaba, leading to the death of Karkat, Desu gun and arrest of Kayaba, who was later tried on Earth.

Following the passage of a UEG Resolution, Sinon went with a diplomat to Cineris to negotiate establishment of a embassy.

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