Soul Calibur, Zweihänder style

Siegfried Schtauffen is a holy knight from Skyverse. He is the current wielder of Soul Calibur. A holy sword made to eradicate all evil in the world.


Seigfried was the son of a powerful General, and came from a noble family. His life consisted of training and fighting until one day he came across Soul Edge, a evil sword that corrupted him and caused him to kill his friends and family. A ordeal that haunts him to this day. After the ordeal he soon found Soul Calibur, he took upon himself to take up the holy sword and made it his life mission to eradicate all evil in the world, the sword keeps his wielder from aging as long as the sword is in his position. He soon was able to destroy the evil sword by killing his sworn enemy, Nightmare. Or so he though, he actually cracked the sword and caused a massive explosion and causes the sword to disappear. Hundreds of years passed and the sword has turned up again, but this time. It is in the possecion of a evil demigod. Siegfried has once again taken up Soul Calibur to begin his holy quest of redemption and atonement. What lies in his soul is redemption and vengeance.


Seigfried is a very fearful person. He fears he will hurt those he loves, there for he travels alone in order to atone for his sins. He carries a very heavy weight on his shoulders and forever carries the grief of killing his loved ones. He is the prime example of what the evil sword, Soul Edge can do to a person.


Seigfried wields Soul Calibur, the holy opposite of Soul Edge. The sword grants him many powers and grants him access to holy energy and immense strength and endurance. Coupled with his inherient skills as a swordsman, Seigfried is a very formible opponent. 

Current Quest and statusEdit

Siegfried is currently hunting for the new wielder of Soul Edge, little does he know. The new wielder of Soul Edge is hunting for him as well. 


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