Shouta Aizawa Full Body Normal Suit

Full Name

相澤消太 Shouta Aizawa



Date of Birth

November 8th





Hair Colour


Eye Colour

Black (red when using powers)


Pyle Academy for the Enhanced


Corpsman (formally)
Homeroom Teacher

Shouta Aizawa, also known by some as Eraserhead, is a teacher at the Pyle Academy for the Enhanced and a former Corpsman.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Erasure - Shouta has the power to cancel other peoples Enhanced powers and abilities simply by looking at them. Though this ability can be extremely powerful and useful when used correctly, it does have several set backs. Such as.
    • Erasure is not capable of cancelling physical attributes from a persons enhanced abilities.
    • It cannot cancel technology
    • The effects of Erasure wears off if Shouta shuts his eyes or if something obstructs his line of sight to his target.
    • If Shouta utilises this ability for a long period of time, his eyes start to dry out.
  • High Intellect - Shouta has very keen observation and evaluation skills, as he is able to easily determine a persons personality and mental state just by watching them. Shouta is also an expert in collaborating his equipment and power with one another, such as using a pair of googles to hide his eyes, causing people to be unsure who's power he is cancelling out. Effectively causing confusion.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - Shouta is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, being capable of taking on several opponents at once. He is forced to rely on his combat skills when facing people with physical mutations, as he is unable to cancel that type of ability.