Shatterdomes are large bases located on various planets and are a part of the CMF Jaeger Program. Inside  are factories for construction, repair and maintenance of Jaegers. All operations, pilot training and experiments regarding the Kaiju are carried out within their respective Shatterdome bases.


Previously to deploy Jaegers the CMF would of had to have a ship travel there and send down the Jaeger. This however was troublesome as by the time the ships arrive a Kaiju would have already done major damage to the area. Shatterdomes were considered as a quicker way of deploying Jaegers, after getting the UCR and Exon to agree that the CMF could build Shatterdomes on there planets Jaegers started being sotred there. Each Shatterdomes holds alteast 2 - 3 Jaegers each, more if needed.

Shatterdomes and JaegersEdit

UCR Edit

  • Eden - Tacit Ronin
  • Osea - Romeo Blue
  • Emmeria - Omicron Junker
  • Usea - Gipsy Danger
  • San Salvaction -
  • Erusea - Crimson Typhoon
  • Nordennevaic - Spiral Destroyer
  • Verusea - Steel Marauder
  • Recta - Guardian Foxtrot 
  • Amber - Coyote Tango
  • Ugelles - Defender Gamma
  • Gebet -
  • Aurellia -
  • Kaluga -
  • Sapin -
  • Nordland -
  • Wellow -
  • Leasath -
  • Grabtobie -
  • Romny -


  • Exon Cherno Alpha, Crasher Sputnik