Ynni planet


Sffêr is a planet in the outer stretches of UCR space. A terrestrial world in it's star's habitable zone, the planet harbors life that has magical properties to it. Safeguarded by the UCR from colonization and experimentation, the inhabitants of Sffer enjoy relative freedom from danger but are opposed to contributing much to issues stemming outside their home.


Slightly smaller than Earth, Sffer has similar characteristics, about the same distribution of land and water and having the same atmospheric composition. One trait that sets it apart from Earth is a presence of some mystical energy in the air, water and soil, that covers the entire planet and all forms of life on it.


Sffer was revealed to be the homeworld of Ynni some time ago. She introduced the previously undiscovered planet to a few characters, who catalogued the world to their various organizations. Since then, Sffer has been closely protected by the UCR.

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