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Serena Lasky
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November 18th 2556



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  • UNSC




Celia Diane Mas7er


Serena Lasky is UNSC soldier. She was born on the colony of Levosia. Her family worked in mining of materials that make up Shaw Fujikawa Translight engines.

She intended to study synthetic life while also in the UNSC Army Reserves to pay it off. As tensions between the UEG and UCR grew so did the time that the Army mandated of reserve troops. People from the Giagarent project while combing through candidates for their mech found Serena was a match and coerced her to be a test pilot for them.


In 2575, Serena met Celia while she was visiting family on Earth. They became acquaintances that turned into a really, really, really long distance relationship. They have an adopted girl named Peashy.

Giant RobotEdit

During the UEG-UCR war, command had this brilliant idea to put use the two very large and unwieldy mechs. Serenas Giagarren fended off some enemy aircraft and an Jaeger unit. Ultimately the mech was stopped when several UCR ships fired their cannons at it. The unit was rendered useless although its pilot survived and was rescued.

After the war ended and the giant mechs phased out Serena returned to her normal division except for in 2578 when she was on Cineris eating Celias cupcakes.

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