Second Fall of Cineris

The Denizen's Wrath

The Second Fall of Cineris, also known as the Second Invasion of Cineris, was a catastrophic event in which the entire planet was subjugated by The Denizen and her forces, and the aftermath of her retreat and the death of Church.

Invasion & AftermathEdit

In late October 2578, the Void tore open a hole in space above Cineris, and started what would be known as its Second Fall. The Denizen's forces emerged from the gap in space-time, and was met with the Cineris Military Force's Home Fleet. The Denizen's Forces tore through the fleet, and made landfall on Cineris, primarily focusing on two Cities near the capital with relatively minor assault forces spread throughout the planet. By the time one of the Denizen's higher-ranking minions approached the Capital, Prima Luce, the CMF's leader personally stepped foot in the battlefield to halt the scout's advances. After a grueling duel, Church managed to defeat the advanced scout but was then personally assaulted by an alternate reality's version of himself. After being completely overpowered and outmatched by his counterpart, Church was defeated and succumbed to his wounds after the Denizen invaded his mind in an attempt to crush his spirit as well. After Church's death. the Denizen's forces retreated from the planet, leaving Cineris to recover from its tragic Second Fall.

The overall losses from Second Fall included approximately 200 of the Cineris Military Force's ships, resulting in a crippled Home Fleet, as well as damages and loss of life across the Capital world, including complete loss of the two previously mentioned cities. With assistance from her colonies and a borrowed Supplemental Fleet from the UCR, Cineris slowly managed to rebuild itself to a stable position as of 2580, although the event will forever be recorded as the most tragic (but not the most humiliating) loss in Cineris's History.

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