Date of Birth

November 6, 25--



Arm 1, Mako


Hair color


Eye color





Scotia was born on Mako Space Colony in 25??. Her family lived and worked in the colony's service sector and owned a decent inn. Scotia went to one of the colleges in Mako to pursue a profession in medicine. She attended for two years until the colony was attacked by the Vagans. Her family was killed during the attack along with much of the other citizens. Scotia aided in tended to the survivors. Between this and the Core Rebellion Scotia met Grace and inadvertently became a part of her gang, the Space Dandies.

The Core Rebellion fell apart in 2575 and Grace stole a ship from the UCR, naming it The Arcadia. Scotia now serves as the ships primary doctor, dealing primarily with drinking related alcohol related problems from spending too much time at Omegas bars.

Scotia followed Grace for a job to rescue Rose. The job was pretty awful in how it went, especially when Grace attempted to run off with Rose for herself. Did not happen though they ended up getting paid.


Scotia is more sensible than Grace and attempts to turn her captain from overtly risky situations. She cares a lot for her fellow crew and aspires to be looked up on like her captain. Grace usually harasses Scotia, promising to marry her one day. Although she finds it embarrasing, shes not entirely against the idea of it.


  • UCR Service pistol