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Scheusal is a sentient bio-virus capable of mutating and reanimating corpses, reshaping them into horrific new forms and creating an army from the flesh of any organic being it happens to infect. The resulting creatures are extremely aggressive, and will attack any uninfected organism on sight.

It's sole purpose is to acquire more bodies to convert and spread the infection. They are believed by some to be the heralds of sentient life's ascension, but on a more practical level are the extremely dangerous result of exposure to the enigmatic organism heralded as the "Old God".

Infected Behavior and EcologyEdit

The Infected are highly aggressive; they will attack any healthy being on sight, regardless of species or age. The sole purpose of this behavior is to kill new hosts and spread the infection as quickly as possible. Despite being viewed as mindless killing machines, the creatures sometimes display tactical planning and cooperative behavior. They commonly hunt in small packs of mixed individuals with semi-specific roles, and use stealth, ambush, or group tactics to outsmart their victims. This requires a degree of strategic thinking, and points to a certain amount of individual intelligence and communication. Examples of this include using ventilation shafts to sneak up on prey, playing dead, not attacking until the victim is well within striking range or their back is turned, or using a lure to draw known threats into an ambush.

Scheusal shares a form of collective intelligence with those it infects, allowing them to act in a coordinated manner during an outbreak. This shared consciousness was formerly believed to originate from powerful beings such as Evil Zee; it is now known that all infected are controlled by the Old God. Being simple "puppets", and having no form of reaction whatsoever, implying that infected beings may not be "living" at all after the sickness has spread to them..