152 cm


Faunus-Aven hybrid

Eye color

  • Red

Hair color







  • NDE Officer (former)
  • General of Darkness's Army



Sava is a servant of the Skyverse God of Darkness and a former Captain in the New Dawn Navy.


She was a Captain during the New Dawn Conflict. The ship under her command took down the UCR Golden Eagle during the assault against Oured. Amongst her tasks were to hunt down Bird Humans and executing them. Many Skyverse citizens died while the Imperials randomly killed trying to force Marq out.

In 2556, near the end of the NDE Conflict, discontent stirred and several ships banded together. The rogue ships went against both their allies and the UCR. The ship Sava commanded was brought down onto an Island and she was captured by the UCR.

Several of the prisoners including Sava were used in an experiment to artificially repopulate the Bird Human race. Rather than normal Bird Humans being conceived most subjects mutated into creatures. Sava and a few others survived, mutating into a hybrid form of Bird Human. She produced one child, Lucy who would result in the other survivors dying. The UCR government would relocate Sava and Lucy to a place where other NDE soldiers were to be reintegrated. Sava attempted to raise Lucy normally but as she grew up, a number of violent incidents would occur. When her daughter was fifteen, her powers ended with Lucy killing several people. The police tried to stop her but Sava ended up killed trying to protect her daughter and the cops became smears of fleshy bits.

The God of Darkness found her being prepared by Rias for eternal agony and instead took Sava as one of his servants.



Sava was once a pawn who killed her victims without a second thought. As the years progressed she became much more cynical and cowardly, turning on her own allies to save herself. Though embittered by what happened to her, her daughter gave her some meaning in life until that too was ripped away.

In death she rips away memories of her victims, sating her hunger for happiness she had sought for.


  • Brain Drain

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