Sav Fel is a T'Vaoan, a sub species of the Jackle race. He is a former member of a Jackle pirate crew from Exon Space and current Scout Sniper for the UCR.

Sav Fel
Sav Fel










Scout Sniper


Private First Class


Sav Fel grew up on a pirating ship in Exon territory. He lived a life of thievery and murder. From the day he was hatched. Although he wasnt always passionate about it. As he grew older, he started to regret the things he has done. He has murdered children, stole from innocent, and just lived a terrible life. When he was 16 years old, he left the pirate crew and hitch hiked his way until he reached the planet of Eden. He was living out in the wilderness and wants to atone for the terrible things he has done until he finally decided to right his wrongs by enlisting in the UCR MIitary. The UCR is employing Sav as a Scout Sniper due to his skill set.


Sav Fel is trained in scouting and sniping. He is a talented marksman and his speed and ability to jump to great heights further helps his skill set.

Acrobatics, Senses, and MovementEdit

Sav is a great acrobat, being able to scale great heights and run at great speed. All while producing as little sound as possible. He has amazing hearing and sight. Able to see the smallest detail from great distances and hear a pen drop. THese further enhance his marksmen skills.

Roleplay AdventuresEdit


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