Date of Birth

August 29, 2561






Petty Officer 1

Sasha is a UNSC Spartan-V supersoldier. She is part of the Horsemen unit.


Early LifeEdit

Sasha was born on the colony Laika III, a backwater colony of less than half a million. An Insurrectionist suicide bomber killed her parents and left her as an orphan under the care of the state. The Office of Naval Intelligence took Sasha and integrated her into Spartan-V training. She and many other Spartan-V's graduated from training in 2567.

Before being put in Horsemen, Sasha was put to eliminating San'Shyumm that remained after the Schism. On some occasions she helped law enforcement with counter-terrorism operations including several on her former home planet. In 2574 The Horsement was formed and Sasha was given the moniker Famine.


Prior to the UEG-UCR war, ONI managed to create a cell of spies on UCR worlds, including putting Spartans in a cafe front to readily hinder the activities of the birb government. Although Sasha's name was arbitrarily given, in the boredom of the cafe and abundance of restaurants in the vicinity, she ate a lot of food. When the Horsemen was not goofing around they were pilfering from military bases or messing with infrastructure. This went on for a few months before they being found out by a UCR Special Forces team, Circe.



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For the first time in a while the Horsemen were separated in order to spread out SF units where they were needed. The Horsemen participated in a large UEG counterinsurgency operation. Sasha was sent to Carrow to take out the planets paramilitary and local government. With the aid of several missile strikes, Sasha successfully made the planet a worse place to live for its residents than before.


Sasha is abnormally fast speed and reflexes even for a Spartan. Her main gimmick is manipulation of weight. She is one of several Spartan-V's with abilities; those born one or two years later would have been Guardians instead.


Sasha's primary weapon is an MA5C paired with a automatic M6C with 20 round magazines. She also uses a pair of energy swords sometimes. Her MJOLNIR VIII is a Reaper type based on a Forerunner combat skin somehow, the helmet is borrowed from the Guardians. Her suit is fixed with several packs of boosters and grappling hooks for high mobility.