Guardians of SangheiliosEdit

The Sangheilios navy was established after The Sangheili Federation left the Central Galactic Empire to go back to being an independant factions but with strong ties to their former allies. After they left the USSR transfered a large number of warships over to stapple the Sangheili fleet in order for them to defend themselves.

Heavy WarshipsEdit

Redemption Class

CAS Assualt Carrier

Soyuz Class B Battleship

Main WarshipsEdit

CCS Heavy Cruiser

Kirov Heavy Cruiser

RPV Light Destroyer

Light ShipsEdit

Cherno Gunboat

CRS light cruiser

Charon Frigate 


Swordfish Inner Atmo Fighter

Seraph MK IX

Venom Heavy Stealth Fighter/Bomber

Blockade Runner Light Frigate

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