Sangheilios is the homeplanet, as well as cultural center and military center of the Swords of Sangheilios.

Urs IVEdit

Sangheilios is the fourth planet in a three star system (Urs, Joori, Fied) featureing two settled moons known as Quikost and Suban. Sangheilios itself has an extremely harsh climate that can reach a scorching 96 celcius (204 fahrenheit). Due to this Sangheilios is mostly desert planet which causes most civilizations to spread out around the rivers and ocean coasts. Most of which are surrounded by expansive moutain ranges along its 5 continents. This has caused Sangheilios to maintain a relatively low population of non Covenant species.


Sangheilios features a suprisingly decent array of Covenant species despite the Sangheili's natural xenophobia, even after the Great Schism, Blooding Years, and Wraith Attacks. Most living lives of servitude which seems to contrast with the Systems Alliance's goals.

  • Sangheili - The main honor bound species, xenophobic by nature but extremely capable warrior and tacticians.
  • Kig-Yar: Jackals come and go as merchants, trading with the various keeps and villages. But suprisingly Kig-Yar have been known to be kept as farmers, growing Irukan (a special grain native to Sangheilios).
  • Jiralhanae: Serve as brute force workers, commonly in dock yards or farming.
  • Mgalekgolo: Serving in the military as the long lasting relationship has carried over from the Covenant. Used mostly as Shock Troops.
  • Huragok: Overall a utiliarian species, being able to work wonders on machinery. A program is shared between the UEG and Sangheilios in a breeding and protective program of sorts. Like the Sangheili they are dissmissive of lesser species.
  • Uungoy: Cheap (often forced) labor. Military cannon fodder.

Government Edit

The Sangheilios government is a system of keeps that echoes back to feudalistic Japanese origins with a hint of ancient Greek Spartan martial society. Each province is governed by a local kaidon who answers as a whole to pass laws or introduce new ideas to the council of elders of the Swords of Sangheilios. The Elders Council then will decide to act in the interest of preserving their ancient traditional ways while still moving forwards as a galactic society.

Systems Alliance Edit

Sangheilios is one of the founding Capital worlds (the other being Palaven with their Turian brothers in arms) of the Systems Alliance which acts to protect neutral worlds that accept their aid from CGE/NUNs expansion by protecting the system with fast communications and jump gates. The Systems Alliance has maintained one of the largest and fastest expansion seen in years due to the support of the Vanguard and Turian Governments.

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