Sam Wilson


May 11, 2549






ARGUS (Formerly)
Secret Warriors (Formerly)


Agent, Level 7 (Formerly)



Sam Wilson, or known as callsign Falcon, is a former ARGUS agent gone AWOL after turning against the agency.

History Edit

Wilson was born on Earth in 2549. After the Human-Covenant War claimed both of his parents' lives, Sam moved to the Orb planet of New Angeles. At age 18, he entered the Orb's Starfighter Corps and became an outstanding pilot. After 4 tours, he began working for ARGUS. Some difficulties he had with working with the agency caused him to go rogue and on the run. It is still unclear what cause him to leave.

Present Day Edit

On the run from the law, Wilson is currently in hiding and his whereabouts are unknown.

Equipment Edit

EXO-7 Falcon- This experimental winged jetpack draws heavy inspiration from the sub-project ARCHWING with some added abilities such as shield manifestation, increased strength, and a weapon system.

Cipher Helo-Goggles- the goggles add a HUD system and allows for various zooms. It also includes a sensor system that tracks incoming foreign objects.

Abilities Edit

Master Pilot- Wilson's time and extensive experience with the Orb's Starfighter Corps has allowed him to perform advanced and difficult maneuvers while using the jetpack.

Expert Marksman- Sam was trained in weapon tech while with ARGUS

Expert Martial Artist- While working for ARGUS, Wilson learned certain types of fighting styles such as Muay Thai, boxing, and Taekwondo.

Expert Tactician- Sam has been known to inherit and adapt to certain situations quicker than the average human.

Expert Acrobat- WIP