Saggitarius Republic
AU Flag

Date Established

July 9th, 2294


Apito City, Junius IV



Standard Language




Armed Forces

Saggitarius Military

  • Saggitarius Navy
  • Saggitarius Air Force
  • Saggitarius Marine Corp
  • Saggitarius Army
 The Saggitarius Republic is a rising power in the Milky Way Galaxy.


The Saggitarius Republic was formed after the fall of the Old Earth governement that ruled over Human controlled space for almost two centuries since the Colonization of the Sol System in 2079. Officially succeeding from the Old Government, the Saggitarius Republic controls much of the Saggitarius area of the Milky Way Galaxy, which was formerly under the control of the Old Government. (wip)


The Saggitarius Military is split off into four branches, with each Branch speciliing in specific roles from one another.

Saggitarius NavyEdit

The Saggitarius Navy or Republic of Saggitarius Navy is the Branch of the Saggitarius Armed forces responsible for the defense of Colony worlds of the Republic and the protection of Republic Merchant ships. Their main combat ships are the Farbanti Class Carrier Battleships, the smaller San Loma Class Guided Missile Destroyers, structurally identical North Point Class Guided Missile Frigates and Adastria Class Fast Attack Ship. The Navy also provides transportion for the Saggitarius Marine Corp. Like the Air force, the Navy operates the HF-105 Spitfire IV heavy fighter.

Saggitarius Air ForceEdit

The Saggitarius Air Force (SAF) is the branch of the Saggitarius Military that specializes in Aerial operations on and off world. Those who wish to become pilots of the SAF are required to a college education of four or more year, and an additional year in a Air Force officer training program. The SAF Operates the HF-105 Spitfire IV Heavy Fighter, C-125 Heavy Transport, and KC-111 Refueling Craft.

Saggitarius Marine CorpEdit


Saggitarius ArmyEdit



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