Tiger tank

The Tiger tank

The futuristic tigerEdit

As a joke a few drunk scientists decided to make a "futuristic" version of the tiger tank for fun. Some NKVD officers came by the next morning and approved of the plans not realizing it was a joke and ordered a prototype to be finished by the next month. Armiger then produced the new tiger tank and presented it to the NKVD who had it tested (which it preformed wunderbahr at) and started production of the prototype Exon tank that they deemed "medium" even though it still outweighs the old and new UNSC scorpion tanks almost combined with its thick titanum steel partial sloped frontal armor thank it would take an extremely lucky shot from the front to penetrate. The turret itself is actually also very well armored but the sides while they are also well armored the rear armor is relitively weak compared to the rest of the hull. The tank is also protected by a heavy shield (which technically won't last very long).

Sangheilios - Mass production pending Edit

Exon/USSR - Limited Numbers Edit

Armament Edit

132 mm Draco Industries rail gun capable of penetrating ship plating armor with assisted loading making the reload roughly 10 seconds for recharge and ammunition replacment. 

3 coaxial ADK mgs (probably will be replaced)

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