Real Name

Rtas 'Chavam


9' 3"


543 lbs

Eye Color



Extreme Strength and Speed


Drunk and Clumsy


"Old Breed" Havoc Augmentations

Rtas 'Chavam or better known as "Stacks" is a very large Sangheili male with about as much fame as infamy. Stacks is known to be a womanizer of any species, going to the extent of occasionaly taking on peoples love intrests no matter the connection when he's heavily intoxicated or even just because he can because he doesn't quite understand different species' relationship bonds. Stacks, despite being a known handfull to deal with and clean up after, has a good heart and will always stand by his close friends no matter the cost (to the point of annoyance at times).

Early LifeEdit

Rtas 'Chavam was born from an unknown wife of his father Thel 'Chavam. As his keep was known to be a bit low in terms of wealth, had to make up with the experience and strength of its warriors, during his adolesence Stacker was given special attention due to his natural brawny size. However Rtas was always not interested in a full-on military carrer and was originally and very ironically a Sangheili Aristocrat aboard high charity, meaning that his job was to travel and mate with female Sangheili of wealthy Council members to pass his swordsmen genes so they may have children that are considered swordsmen. However with the human-covenant war climaxing if you will...Rtas 'Chavam now 'Chavamee was introduced into the Covenant and served temporarily as a zealot as due to his size he easily powered through any tests that were thrown at him, much to the chagrin of his higher ups.

Stacker next to a Jiralhanae, showing off just how impressive his size is.

Covenant Military LifeEdit

Rtas was charged with the recovery of forerunner relics across the galaxy to drive the Covenant's use of technology by returning the relics to the heirarchs. Rtas was however very rarely given any form of help as both a way that would either get him killed (a goal from his higher ups) also because he couldn't stand being told what to do. Rtas however was protected politically by surprisingly the Prophet of Regret, who Thel (unknowingly to Rtas his father) introduced to keep him out of trouble as Thel kept constant tabs on Rtas as he was the last male in his bloodline. The Prophet of Regret enjoyed Rtas' unprofessional nature that allowed him to get the point across faster as well as willingness to leave the constant bureaucracy of heirarch life.

Ending of Covenant CarreerEdit

Rtas was instructed in basic human english after a several month program and was tasked with finding the ark on Earth. However his carrier left without him in New Mombassa and the Great Schism ensued afterwards. It is unknown how Stacker survived during these times but he resurfaced again after sometime after the Human-Covenant War in Rio de Janerio and Cuba, where he was being investigated by ONI funder a knickname of what the locals referred to him as "Stacks" or "Stacker". Stacks would go on afterwards with Bad Company with his best friend and equally sized Sangheili, Iktoma.