Status: Roku is living on his home planet of Paradisus with his wife Emi and his daughter Violet

Roku (年 Toshi)

His fight song

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Martial Status

married to Emi






Hair Color


Eyebrows are black

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Saiyan Citizen



Roku is 5'9, which is a normal height for his age. He has messy spiky brown hair with tan skin. He has brown eyebrows and wears a older varation of the Saiyan body suit without the armor so that he is more nimble and so that he can keep his body from being weighed down too much by the bulkier armor. Sure he could wear just the vest and keep for the most part, nimble but he doesnt like to wear the armor. He also has a black and orange martial artist Gi that he wears during training. He has hit his final growth spurt, since Saiyans have 3. His voice is slightly deeper and is now the physical maturity of a adult, despite his age. Saiyans grow faster then humans physical wise until the age of 16-18, of which their growth rate slows down. 


Roku is joyful, and he always looks for the positives in the situation and tries to make as many friends as he can. He is a Martial Artist, and often fights in the tournament every year to provide for his family. He loves to train and has been training his daughter as well. Roku is abnormally strong for a Saiyan and is always a favored fighter in the World Martial Arts Tournament.


Roku was born in a family of two Saiyan parents on Paradisus, but he did not know his parents because they abandoned him on Paradisus as a baby in the middle of a forest. He was later found by an low level Saiyan family who were wanting a child, but could not bear a child of their own so they took him in and raised them. They soon died when Roku was 16, he then met his would be wife, Emi when he was 17 at a ramen shop and have been together ever since. He fightst in the tournament to provide for his family. As of now, he just carries on with his care free attitude and continues to live his life with his family.


Roku has averaged strength for a Saiyan of his age. But his full power is not known.

RP AdventuresEdit

These are his adventures

Forms and TransformationEdit

Being a Saiyan, Roku has access to transformations to greatly increase his fighting potential, these are his transformations and forms.
Roku after his last growth spurt

Base formEdit

This is Roku's baseform, its the form he is always in. In this form his power level is quite constant, since he doesnt have to have a power upkeep. His hair is brown and his eyes are brown with brown eyebrows. His muscle mass is normal sized as well.

Great ApeEdit

Like any other Saiyan, he is able to transform into a Great Ape.

Moves and AbilitiesEdit

Healing - Roku has learned to give people his energy to heal their minor injuries. He can also revive small organisms such as birds, cats, dogs, ect

Flight - Roku has learned to manipulate his ki to propel him, giving flight capabilites

Full Power Energy Wave - A improved version of his simply energy wave, he can also cup his hands to his side and push them forward. Creating a stronger variant.

Burst Rush - A physical move that involves him first elbowing the opponent in the bottom of the jaw, then punching them in the stomach, then he kicks them into the air and kicks them to the ground. Causing them to be stunned with pain on all fours, then he either stays in the air and fires a energy wave, or lands beside them and elbows them in the back of neck until they go into submission.

Astroid Smash - Roku kicks the opponent in the chest with both feet, teleports behind them and kicks them into the air then he flies up and double axe hammers them to the ground. He then gets on top of them in a kneeled position and puts his hand over the opponents face and fires a energy beam point blank. Used in dire situations.

Mimicry - Able to copy a move after seeing it only once, a very rare ability that requires the ability to learn things very fast


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