Robert Naylor
SpeciesHuman, Spartan-III
AliasesRob, Robert, Robert-A037
FamilyHis team was his family
Love InterestsHad a crush on one of his team but never got to tell her
WeaponsMain: M6G-Mgnum and M392 DMR
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlue

 "Good to be back in the action..... So what is it I'm gonna be killing?" - Robert-A037 after waking up from cryo-Sleep.

Spartan romeo 037

Robert-A037 born Robert Naylor is a Spartan III, he is loyal to the UNSC but not as loyal to ONI, he will put a bullet into his head before he betrays Humanity. He was killed by Brutes, his armor was covered in his blood, the outside of his armor was not as stained as the inside.

He has been out of the field for two years but now he's back in action.

He will give his life to protect those around him, even if they are a heavily armoured Force Commander Space Marine.

He was a commander of his own team which he rarely like to talk about, he will talk about the team when he is depressed.

His placeEdit

Robert has his own place which was once a Hydroelectric plant but was for some time his teams HQ, he goes their from time to time but not as much as he used to, he has the bases A.I. in his helmet after a hit in his old helmet which wrecked it his A.I. lives in his TACPAD, Tom-G290 has yet to find out.


Robert has a good use of weapons he mainly uses a M6G-Magnum and M392 DMR both of which have been modded, he has used Space Marine technology.


  • M6G-Magnum, has a 13 round clip (Halo: Reach version)
  • M392 DMR - Designated Markson Rifle, has a x5 zoom rather then a x3 (Halo: Reach version)
  • M45 TS and M90 - Shotgun (Halo: Reach and Halo 3 version)
  • Assault Rifle (Halo: Reach, Halo 3 and Halo 4 version)
  • M9 HE/DP - Frag Grenade

Space MarineEdit

  • Bolt Pistol
  • Bolter
  • Heavy Bolter (likes the Scouts version over the standard version to it's lightness)
  • Stalker Bolter (finds it easy to handle)
  • Storm Bolter (finds it hard to control after long amount of time)
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Chainsword
  • Power Axe (likes it but likes the Power Sword more)
  • Power Sword (finds it more bad ass then a Covenent Energy Sword)


  • T25 DEP - Plasma Pistol
  • T25 DER - Plasma Rifle
  • T51 DER/1 - Plasma Repeater
  • T33 GML - Needler
  • T1 EW/S - Energy Sword
  • T1 APG - Plasma Grenade


Robert can fly but he likes to fight on the ground then fight in the air.

  • Fury Interceptor (orbital)
  • UH-144 - Falcon (planetary)
  • D77-TC - Pelican (orbital and planetary)


Robert has some friends but only a few are still alive.

  • Alice-A288 - Robert and Alice get along very well. Has a slight crush on her.
  • Rex-A048 - Robert and Rex get along when Rex isn't being a asshole.
  • Denter-A044 - Robert and Denter get along very well, he cares for her but wishes she didn't always ask him if she can do things.
  • Linda-A179 - Robert and Linda get along well, though he don't want to lose her, which hes thought he was holding her back.
  • Tom-G290 - calls him "Gamma boy"

Most hated enemiesEdit

During his life Robert has faced many enemies of Mankind, but out of them all he has three races he hates more then anything, here is four races in number order of hate.

  1. Brutes [Jiralhanae] - lost Linda-A179 to one, hates them more then any other race he has had to fight.
  2. Skirmishers [Kig-Yar] - Lost Alice-A288  to one with a Focus Rifle
  3. Elites [Sangheili] - lost a good amount of his team to them, finds them more worthly of a fight in hand to hand combat.
  4. Orks - Robert has faced many Orks or called "Greenskins" due to there skin color, he hates them for there love for war, has seen men ripped apart.

Gen 2Edit

Though Robert died before Gen 2 it is thought he has been brought back by Project Rebirth he hasn't been seen on Earth which the UNSC left after a Unknown Enemy attacked it. But there has been a Red Air Assault helmet found laying on the floor with two cracks in the visor.


  • "Those who stand by me shall be my brother or sister." Unknown what said for.
  • "And we shall know no fear!" Said before entering battle.
  • "My faith is my shield." Said when facing enemies that use mind tricks or to keep his spirits up.
  • "Feel the warth of the God-Emperor!" Said when fighting in the BBF's name. He believes that the BBF are a very good organization.


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