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Space Pirates

Ridley is a Space Pirate who is slowly making his appearance in the Crossover Universe. While he hasn't been encountered by any Adventure Group member, he has abilities on par with one Samus Aran. It is unknown what he desires or seeking, other than wealth and destruction that is.


Pre Gen 1Edit

Ridley's first induction into the Space Pirates coincided on a massive raid, with the main goal being to steal the planet's wealth, but were also allowed to destroy whatever they wanted. During the raid, he met a three-year old girl. This little girl was named Samus Aran, and she and Ridley would have a long history together. Amid all the destruction, little naive Samus went up to and asked to befriend Ridley. Initially feeling pity towards her, Ridley was prompted to kill her, despite thinking that she was "so cute". Before he could strike, however, Samus' mother pushed her out of the way at the cost of her own life. Losing track of the little girl, Ridley went on with his mission.

Gen 1Edit

Not much is known of Ridley's time during this period, presumably he moved up through the ranks of the Space Pirates, eventually becoming a general.

Gen 2Edit

(Info will be posted later)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ridley has proven to be a fierce opponent in battle. While fighting hand-to-hand, Ridley primarily makes use of his lethal claws, talons, and tail. Ridley is also capable of breathing plasma in battle, either in the form of large fireballs, or a large stream. His wings enable him to fly at fast speeds to outrun opponents. Ridley also possesses physical strength sufficient enough to grab a normal human with one hand.