Rias, Goddess of Death

Date of birth





  • Goddess (powers removed)
  • Immortal Human (Presently)


  • Skyverse



  • Deity (former)
  • Model



Rias was the Goddess of Death. She primarily dealt with the transfer of beings from living to either Hell and eternal agony or to remain in the skies. Additionally she grants (some) of the last wishes of the dying. A myth of yore claimed that those who fought the Goddess would be able to retrieve their loved ones. Many have died flinging themselves to their eternal descent


Rias was created presumably by Darkness at some point likely out of necessity or to further remove himself from trivial duties. She and Darkness had some form of relationship and had Cysgod of which Darkness would abandon to Rias's care.

Before the Wraith incursion she had granted Yukiteru Amano and Yoko a second chance to live. This proved disastrous.

Later Rias had become infatuated with an Sangheili, Thel. She and him had a child James. Rias also became disillusioned with tasks as the Goddess of Death, neglecting her duties and other acts that would lead to her being tried by the Council of Eight. She was stripped of her powers for a century. She currently lives with Thel sometimes and works as a model.


As a minor Goddess she has a few small shrines scattered about the Sky Islands and Milky Way. Rias was one of patron Goddesses of Foire.

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