Rhasa is noticeably smaller and much more shy then her brother.




Valley of the Temples instructor.


Mid 20s


7' 2"


Force Augmentations

Polar Opposites Edit

Largely kept from the view of his friends in the adventures, Rtas 'Chavam's sister Rhasa was born and raised the same way her brother was. Most of the time on the run until Rtas was pulled into Covenant service and she was given a home with Sangheili monks (where she learned combat). However unlike Rtas she is cool and collected (and rather shy and quiet for that matter), and incredibly intelligent like her father in terms of tactics or just plane making things. She is even capable of making and fixing smaller robots, which she somewhat hoards at her temple in the Valley of the Temples.

Valley of the Temples Edit

After Rtas' accident, Thel was deeply distressed because of Rtas' now lack of capable thought or anything of the likes (Stackers wife had to teach him how to walk again and etc, he still cant write or read). Instead of staying by his son (Whom he thought was lost completely to human culture) he decided that he would never let that happen again by personally teaching and training Rhasa to the point where he became extremely over protective. She now instructs at the Valley of the Temples in clearing peoples minds and the way of the "force". She, like her father, are adept at using both the force augmentations and in their swordsmanship.

Growing UpEdit

As she is still young, Thel is still somewhat protective of her but is starting to let her branch out and explore the galaxy (usually with him accompanying). She plans on meeting whats left of the adventure group (or at least the interesting ones) to see who her brother explored with and see if she might be able to share some adventures as well.

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