After Exon was forced to stay to the DMZs of Little Rock and remove the Tiberium mining facilities they converted the Tiberium facilities to mining the forerunner metals and stock piling them. Over the years Little Rock once again changed its allegiance to the USSR and hardcore mining ensued of Tiberium and the Forerunner metals. As the years passed Exon promised to repay Sangheilios for giving up their CSO to them to beat back the UNSC in the past and designed a super carrier based off the designs of the Rodina Class. With this the Retribution Class Super Carrier was made.


Atomic Lattice Armor will be acomplished due to improved remote assembly and massive ammounts of stockpiled forerunner alloys. The armor for the new ship is going to be extremely powerful. Quad Blue Tiberium powered generators are placed throughout the ship in extremely armored compartments as well as a large ammounts of shielding arrays guarenteeing maximum power to shields and weaponry. The outer spaced armor will be supplemented with titanium-nanolaminate alloy as well as extreme heavy plasma and hardlight sheilding as well as a new form of classified reflection shielding which will focus more on displacing the round insted of taking the energy. They hope this will protect it better against projectile based weaponry.


The manufacturing companies involved hope that they can get other factions involved with the construction not as a donation but as a better way to pull the galaxy together. The first Retribution Class will be constructed in the new Little Rock drydocks in Sangheilios territory.

Fires of RetributionEdit

The Fire of Retribution uses a mixture layered system of energy, hard light, and deflection shielding. The shielding is granted thanks to decisive scientific help from the Vanguard and a significant breakthrough upon improving on forerunner technology thanks to utilizing the brain of a captured forerunner that was leading a TRM rebellion. The new Retribution class super cruiser can tear through a SMAC cluster on its own. What it excels in defense it lacks in forward punch, unlike its former ship the Rodina Class Super Carier (Which has multiple forward facing firepower system). While this is no means saying that it doesn't have sufficient weaponry, it holds the same ammount of weaponry the old CSOs utilised with blue tiberium mixtures to make it extremely powerful. The Retribution Class Super Carier is meant to enforce peace through the galaxy.

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