Commandant teste kantai collection drawn by yuu higashi no penguin sample-6d04db4cd64098514b758d45e9245c9b



Hair color

Blonde, Blue, Red, White

Eye color




Renè is an Artificial Human in service with the UNSC


A wonderful and lovely Frenchie.


Renè was created by Dr. Rinko as one of the many Artificial Humans to come into existence. Though designed for war Renè was first used to raise interest for the Flight-II Paris class frigates. She would receive the first of the Flight-II frigate. Renè practiced using a similar ship, the CMF Flaming Heart. Cineris where a good percent of funding for the Flight-II's came from.

Her main tasks have been to escort merchant ships and protect trade routes that are at risk from pirates or terrorists. 

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