Elite Ranger 1

Rel Zutonomee

Rel Zutonomee was once a Sangheili Ranger for the Covenant Empire who was fiercely loyal to the vast alien network. While not the strongest, fastest, nor the smartest, he was a warrior who was so devoted to the Covenant he put down every other concern in his mind. To this day, even though not much is left of the Covenant, he still holds many of their truths and beliefs.


Rel Zutonomee was born on a world relatively close to the center of Covenant military territory. He was raised in an average manner, like any normal child would. However, he seemed more distant than most; as if he knew what his life would behold. He was quickly placed in the Covennat ground force, learning quickly of their skills and tactics, and the fact that his own life was insugnifficant if he did not follow his orders.

As a Minor Elite, he wielded standard Covenant equipment: A Plasma Rifle and Plasma Grenades. He was your average, basic soldier; When he raised up to the rank of Major Domo, he wielded a Plasma pistol as well, and begun practicing with a Needler, which fascinated him in it's design and combat capability.

He then had the option to go into special forces or continue on to Ultra. Rel chose to become an Elite Ranger; this is where he proved his skill in later times, utilizing the basic Air assault Utility issued to a Sangheili Ranger. He wielded his dual Plasma rifles with great skill, until he was issued newer Armor that allowed the Rangers more protection and better combat capability. With this, he wielded a Plasma Repeater, and begun to train with the energy dagger placed on the wrist unit of the armor. Afterwards, he trained in sharpshooting with a Needle rifle and sniping with a Focus Rifle.

Generation 2Edit

Rel Zutonomee has reappeared in the UCR's troop force. Not much else is known.


Elite Minor

Rel as a Minor

Elite Major

Rel as a Major, his shields taking minor damage

Elite Ranger 2

Rel using his first Ranger suit

Elite Ranger 4

Rel with his squad (He is at the far Left)

Elite Ranger 5

Rel's Squad (He is in the middle)

Elite Ranger 3

Rel Zutonomee