Papa Roach - Kick In The Teeth (Lyrics)

Papa Roach - Kick In The Teeth (Lyrics)

RL the Random Lieutenant


RL; Lieutenant






ONI (former), UNSC (former), CMF (Former)


Gen 1Edit

RL the Random Lieutenant is pretty much a erand-boy that delivers various information about Church to his allies. He was in charge of Church's special augmentations and any of his future operations. He is a somewhat skilled fighter, but usually stays in his ONI base attending to more important matters. He used to normally inform Church of any dangers that the UNSC or ONI was having before Church left. He has been known to play the drums on occasion; when Church is bored he occasionally drags RL over and they play music to pass the time. He was recently promoted to Captain, but still likes to be refered to as "RL." After witnessing Church quit the UNSC, he still remained loyal to him, and even quit for the same reason as Church a month later (even though he had been recently promoted to a captain for some reason).

Gen 1.5Edit

During this time he lived in one of Church's various guest rooms, and was the General of the CMF Airforce. He took over as head of the CMF after Church's supposed death, until he was killed after the CMF fell apart years later.

Gen 2Edit

Darkside ArcEdit

A man calling himself RL and wearing the original's suit had appeared at the first opponent of Seraph in a underground fight club. He doesn't appear to exhibit any of the original's traits or personality, instead acting cocky and self-serving. How he came in possession of his powers and armor is still unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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