Honor and Tradition Edit

Quikost is one of two habitable moons over Sangheilios. As Sangheilios, with the Systems Alliance, advances in technologies and ideals; Quikost remains almost seemingly lost in time. Full of low level cities of almost ancient stature, Quikost encompasses the old traditional ways of Sangheilios with a few added extras as the times change. Along with a somewhat kind daily work routine focused people lies a bustling market system in every city based on haggling. Quikost still holds the title for some of the galaxy's finest and most elegant weapons. Quikost also holds its natural environment very dear, strictly preventing galaxy wide hunters and occasionally tracking those who have wronged them to other systems with highly trained warriors to face petty crimes such as poaching. 

Human SpeciesEdit

The human species of Quikost lives nearly perfectly with the Sangheili of Quikost with an oddly good symibotic relationship. However there are 4 basic factions and nations of humans on Quikost based on the 4 major elements. Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. (wip)

Animal SpeciesEdit


Valley of the TemplesEdit


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