The Prometheus class was a class of human built deep space carriers. Only one ship of this class, the Prometheus, was completed. Construction on the second Prometheus class ship, the Atlas, was halted in favor of the superior Daedalus class.


24 railguns on the hull allow for point-defense from every angle and can quickly clear an area of enemy fighters. 12 missile bays are capable of firing various warheads, including Naquadah enhanced nuclear warheads. Later on, two forward-firing beam weapons were installed, designed to disable even the most advanced shields. However, by the time they were installed on the Prometheus, production of further ships of the class was already cancelled in favor of the Daedalus class.

Other SystemsEdit

The Prometheus class was outfitted with advanced energy shields. Due to the ship's size, these shields could be powered at low levels directly in an emergency, instead of through the usual capacitor systems. It was also outfitted with hyperdrive engines capable of traveling to other galaxies, although the sole ship of its class never attempted to do so, and the ability was thus never tested.

Planned Prometheus-class VesselsEdit

  • Prometheus (only completed vessel, destroyed)
  • Atlas (construction halted)
  • Helios
  • Tethys
  • Hyperion
  • Cronus

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