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Project Valkyrie is a project made up of an international wing grouping of various factions throughout the Milky Way. A splinter project of Apollo, project Valkyrie has the same rules that apply to Apollo but the major difference is that Apollo is infantry while Valkyrie is fighters or bombers. The Project is based from and was concieved from Fleet Commander Vasily "Vaz" 'Chavam of the USSR Sulaco II.

Regulations Edit

- Nose art is free of regulations under the condition that it may not draw too much attention to ones wing (such as painting the entire fighter red for example).

- No intentional/unintentional without orders and clearing from command destruction of civilian infastructure.

- No destruction of enemy escape pods.

Wings Edit

The training for Valkyrie was practically a simple placment course through the VR training system of the Sulaco II. Only certain pilots with certain skill sets as well as mental and social skills needed. Pilots need to be in good physical and mental health in order to place.

Rogue Squadron Edit

Rogue Squadron is the ace leader squadron of project valkyrie. They make up of several of the best pilots the major factions have to offer excluding the Orb Union due to disagreements between Sangheilios and Exon.

  • Lt. Major Arles Proda - An experienced and capable UCR pilot, Arles "Quox" Proda participated in the Vagan Conflict of 2573-75, the UCR-UEG War of 2576, and the TRM Civil War of 2576-77 as a member of SVF-22, a component of the 122nd Naval Wing. Was withdrawn from the program at some point after the Sulaco's engagement with the ELA and rogue Cornerian forces. Currently commands SVF-506. (VF-19EX-S Excalibur).
  • Captain Irisdina Bernhard - A highly skilled and decorated pilot, Irisdina has flowm just about every UNSC aircraft and participated in every major battle since 2568. (VF-29/30)
  •  Shamrosi "Shamrock" 'Vadam - A decendant of the famed Arbiter Thel 'Vadam. Was put through Apollo by his father (The first of 'Vadam's sons to personally know his father) in hopes that one day he may achieve greater goals in life through working with other species hoping that if he was to do government someday that cultural affinity may be possible with others. He chose Valkyrie due to Shamrosi's love of birds. An adequate pilot and tactician he was added to Rogue Squadron during the Battle of Jacinto. The youngest of the group at a human equilivant of only 22. (Seraph Exo Fighter MK. IX)
  • Stephan McCarthy - (CMF).