Project Freelancer was a research program commissioned by the UNSC to study proposed enhancements for the Spartan-IV personnel. 

Project HistoryEdit

The Freelancers were formed following the end of the Human-Covenant war. Comprised of volunteers and soldiers these soldiers were promised free discretion to operate on the condition of accepting their fates. Some soldiers were given rampant AIs copied multiple times from the original to test their effects. All were given some form of augmentation with experimental drugs that enhanced their combat abilities but caused severe mental destabilization. Their armor came in the form of MJOLNIR based armor that did not require any special strength enhancements.

While their actions against the Covenant and Insurrection were commendable the project became a PR liability, as well as the fact that members were murdering one another and reducing its usefulness. The project was disbanded around the time the Spartan-IV program was investigated. Of the fifty members only a hand full are still alive, some still in hiding across the galaxy. Some however have become active once again such as, York, Carolina, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Arizona, Florida and Maine.

As of 2578 Hawaii and Maine are also deceased.

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