Project BLIND



Lead Scientist

Doctor Seishin Jinzo


???? - 2576


Unkown, speculated to be in the hundreds

Related Projects

Project UNITY

Project BLIND was a failed NDE project established at an unknown time either during the UCR - NDE war or after.



A child about to have its body parts extracted by the DEF-Body Extractor.

Projects BLIND's goal was to successfully create killing machines by grafting human organ into machines. Original attempt used parts for adults around 30 - 50 years old, however this process was a failure due to the low quality of the organs due to smoking, drinking or other body damaging items. Because of this Project BLIND resorted to using fresher components from children from 5 - 12, before their extraction from their families the children were observed to make sure their parts would be adequate and not result in another failure.

Once exacting the children from their homes they were brought to Station L-61 where they were succumbed to various physical and mental exams before being strapped down and harvested by the DEF-Body Extractor, a machine which would precisely cut open the child and remove important organs (all while the child is alive) and in some cases the child's brain would be removed.

Once the organs were removed they were then grafted onto machines, some used to power various parts and others to control body parts. Once completed the machines would be put through various tests in VR to hone their killing abilities and prepare for on the field work.

However this never came to be as due to a malfunctioning errors the machines remembered their pasts and what they were put through to be created and in blind fits of rage they broke free from their restraints and managed to kill all the faculty on-board the station.

For an unknown amount of time the station was left drifting in space due to an advanced cloaking system making it not appear on scanning radars. However it was eventually found when the S.W.O.R.D Space Carrier accidentally hit it while heading to a near by planet. 

S.W.O.R.D sent in The Avengers to investigate the base after not receiving a reply from them, after running into the two machines and learning the truth about Project BLIND they decided to put the machines out of their misery. They managed to lure the machines to the main lab and engaged them in battle, but it was soon clear that they were no match for them. However Chris "SG" Hatchenson managed to distract the creatures by showing them footage of their past lives, using this opening Chris destroyed the two machines and finally laid their souls to rest. However due to all the info Chris pulled from that stations systems it triggered its self destruction feature and explodes, luckily though the Avengers managed to get out in time to watch Project BLIND finally come to an end.



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