Apollo Edit

Project Apollo is a Sangheili program that was first initiated between the UNSC and Sangheilios as a small platoon of warriors to be used on intergalactic missions for special operations to improve intergalactic relations as well as introduce eachother's species/factions culture and overall try to make the galaxy a better place by playing a neutral part with Sangheilios. While technically considered a foreign legion and the Citadel can only be the ones technically giving orders the Sangheilios military funds and trains the recruits along with bits and peices of other factions to create the best possible platoon of soldiers.

Training Edit

The Apollo training consists of the Sangheili military/veterans teaching them adept skills in hand to hand combat as well as improving physical strength and speed while others factions such as the UNSC use what they're best at to help add on to the platoon's strength. Also adding onto this live fire excercises such as dealing with the TRM rebellion have been noted.
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Olympia Vale and Usze Taham

Notable Members Edit

  • Usze 'Taham (Sangheilios, LoS/Leader) Alpha
  • Olympia Vale (UNSC/ONI, Spartan V/Leader) Alpha
  • Sukhoi Moskvin (ERA, UG squad/Leader) Alpha
  • Dalton Alers (UCR, Ofnir Unit/Leader) Alpha
  • Toland The Shattered (CMF, Squad Leader) Alpha
  • Thel 'Vadam (Sangheilios, Arbiter)
  • Vaz 'Chavam (USSR, Fleetmaster)

Alpha SquadEdit

Alpha Squad consists of the best fighters in the galaxy and combined into a squad. They have multiple heavy equipment types available to them.

  • Usze 'Taham
  • Master Chief
  • Dalton Alers
  • Sukhou Moskvin
  • Olympia Vale
  • Thel 'Vadam

Delta SquadEdit

Delta Squad is consisted of freshly trained recruits from each factions designated military that are going through Apollo to obtain higher ammounts of training as well as attempt to develop better relations with eachother's factions.

  • Cracker - a young Sangheili, a Sangheilios native raised on Exon.
  • Sara "Sherpa" Jonand - Recent graduate of the final class of 13th Generation Spec Ops of the UCR.
  • James Arabel - A rookie in the UNSC Army Airborne infantry.

Heavy SupportEdit

Project Valkyrie - The new program meant to help the Apollo Warrior in space and in strike missions the project supports bombers to help them.

Warthunder - The legendary tank crew of Exon. Known for hundreds of victories, they drive an older and battlescarred Apocalypse Tank Mk. 1 through enemy lines and can push through any defense almost on their own. They joined the program with their tank with leave of Exon aboard the Sulaco II to assisst the Apollo Warriors in battle.

USSR/SF Sulaco II - A state of the art Soyuz Class B Battleship that was built in the image of the CAS covenant ship with extreme armor protection and heavy engines as well as packing 3 SMACs and multiple other Heavy Onager MAC systems and maintaining its energy projectors thanks to an agreement with Sangheilios. The Sulaco II's crew has years of experience against pirates and even hardcore conventional enemies.

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