Prisma Team

Date of formation

February 15, 2574








Prisma Team is a team of Guardians supersoldiers formed in 2574. Although a team Prisma has usually rarely ever been together for operations.



TRM InsurrectionEdit

The highly indecisive Trading Republic of Miridem had by 2577 destroyed all ties with any potential ally it could have. They had attacked the UEG, rebelled against the UCR, Exon, and even nuked themselves. Prisma went to one of Miridems colonies to recapture Peterson who had been released from UCR custody. The team took care of Peterson's security and they found the man himself, along with a Gamma washout. Both were detained, Peterson went off to Exon while the woman was shot.

JSDF AttackEdit


After the terror attack on Miridem and subsequent discovery of secret orders from Ironwood. The UNSC decided to send a small reconnaissance force to Scarif. Prisma along with a section of ODST's were inserted in via stealth insertion pods. Their task was to identify defenses that marines may then eliminate at a later time.


  • Guardian Combat System - The essential armor of all Guardians. Customized to fit each soldiers needs and preferences. 
  • Two Ghost combat drone units
  • MA5C ICWS 
  • "Shark Toaster" - A 180 meter yacht that is registered as a civilian vessel. It has everything that a billionaire would want while also suiting the needs of the Guardians.
  • SRS99-AM
  • M57 LATW

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