Police Operations Droid
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Date of Creation

March 10th 2579




Industrial Automation

The Police Operations Droids, or simply known as PODs, are specialised helper droids designed and manufactured by Industrial Automaton to aid in police activities.

PODs have been sold to various planets, with major buyers being from both the Universal Council Of Races and the Unified Earth Government.


The POD unit houses a very basic A.I. within its shell, this A.I. is designed to be extremely helpful to its owner, and thus, has a very friendly, if not somewhat annoying, personality. The A.I. will often make observations about its owners current situation and surrounding, in an effort to aide them, however they will often just share information already obvious to its owner.

PODs are given access to police systems, such as criminal archives, crime cases and a variety of other systems. It is able to access all these files on the fly, proving to be extremely helpful when gathering information. PODs will, by default, follow the orders of the highest authority figure in the area if not given orders otherwise.

Due to the variety of races located on some worlds, PODs are programmed to recognise a variety of languages and is capable of translating speech with 98.9% accuracy.

PODs can be used for a various of police activities, such as patrols, assisting in arrests and helping with paper work. However, in cases where lethal force is authorised, the POD must be given the correct access code by its handler to gain access to its internally installed sub-machine gun.

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