Eve "found" these three dragons as eggs and brought them home and soon they hatched into three baby dragons. They grew up fast and are now 25 feet tall monsters.


Scarlet dragon by el grimlock-d4hs63e

Runes was the first to hatch and is the oldest of the three. Despite his intimidating look he is rather playful and enjoys setting things alight when playing. He is most attached to Elsword than Eve because Elsword is able to feed him fire whenever he pleases.

Pluto Edit

Dragonictus by el grimlock

Pluto is the second oldest of the three and seems to be wiser, also he enjoys sleeping most of the time and only plays when commanded by Eve. He isn't very fond of other people are will often brush them away with his tail if annoyed.

Squirt Edit

Esmeralda by el grimlock

Squirt is the youngest and the smallest of the three brothers. He is very playful and curious and this gets him into trouble. Once, he tried to "play" with a blimp, but luckily he was drawn away from it before he caused any trouble.

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