Patty is one of Death the Kid twin pistols, she was introduced after Tenks took a trip to Death City.




Eye color


Hair Color


Family and Friends

Death the Kid: Miester

Liz: Sister

Main InfoEdit

Patty like her sister is a demon weapon, together they are 2 pistols of which Death the Kid use's. In a emergency Patty can Liz as a weapon and vice-versa. She live in Death City with Kid and Liz, she also attends DWMA.


Patty has short chin-length blonde hair with bangs, blue eyes, and bigger boobs than her older sister Liz.

Place in RPEdit

Patty along with Kid enter the RP when ever Tenks is with Liz, (although sometimes Liz and Tenks go on their own on a date). She was introduced about the same time as Liz and Kid, when Tenks walked up to Liz to talk to her (See Liz). (All 3 pages will have more content has they are used)