The Parker-Madison Battle Simulator, often abbreviated as PMBS, is a state of the art virtual battle and combat simulator. By forming a neural link with its users, it is able to create a virtual environment for its participants to engage in simulated combat. Although initially marketed as a tool for military training, it quickly grew popular with the public, being used for recreation, thrill seeking, and a safe alternative for people to prove how tough they are. To ensure that users do not accidentally injure themselves or others while using the simulator, the PMBS puts its users in a form of paralysis similar to that of sleep. While reception for the PMBS is generally positive, it has several drawbacks. The system was originally intended for only two operators at once, and as a result, it is often unstable when larger amounts of users connect. In addition, it requires a level of mental focus to stay connected to the simulation and as a result, users occasionally disconnect from the simulation and have to reconnect. In some rare cases, this can lead to a "ghosting" glitch, where a user's thoughts are still in the system despite the user no longer being connected.

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