Planet Pardisus


Andromeda Galaxy, within no territories of existing militaries


Twice the size as Earth

Moons and suns

1 moon, 1 sun

1 sun


20x Earths Gravity

Legal System


Current King and Queen

King Tarbas and Queen Fava

Heir to throne

Prince Tarbas the second

Number of cities and smaller installations


Place within Solar System

3rd Planet from its sun



Planet Saiya

The capital city with its "moon" in the background

Paradisus is homeworld of the Saiyan race, a beautiful planet about twice the size of Earth and 20x the gravity. Aiding in the evolution of the Saiyans becoming such a physically strong and fast race of warriors. It is a planet of vast landscapes featuring vast deserts, rolling hills, thick forests, and a urban center where the King's palace is located. The planet is the 3rd planet in its solar system so it has a very tempered climate. 


Planet Paradisus has a very diverse landscape, ranging from canyons, to rolling hills, to dusty badlands, to even
Planet Saiya desert

One of Planet Paradisus's many deserts

tropical forests. They have 5 major cities scattered around the planet, with 1 big city located in a valley, serving as the capital.


The Society of the new generation is very civilized, even though they still love to fight. They keep it strictly within competition. Every year they hold a massive tournament to determine the strongest Saiyan. Its a very organized society; there is still a King system though, although there isnt a speration of the "Elite" and "low level" which allows for the society to flourish and allows for more kinship to be shown among the Saiyan race, and now even a low level Saiyan male can mate with a Elite Female or vice versa with the approval and blessing of the father or parental figure. Which means the birth rates are higher than the old generation now, instead of a low percentage of babies per year. The Saiyan birthrate is rivaling bigger species, such as Humans. They also have a very sophisticated scientific research program, promoting ways to further their knowledge so that the Saiyan race is no longer in the dark. 

Relations with other speciesEdit

Currently the Saiyan race keeps to their own solar system with in the Andromeda galaxy, although they do 
Planet Saiya City

Capital City, also the center of commerce, the palace is located in middle of photo

trade with their neighboring planets. Since they are no longer known as a warring people, they are well known for their trading and scientific ways. Although some races still acknowledge their power as a warrior race and a Saiyan in battle is a very popular and much enjoyed sight to see within their tournaments. Races come from all over to both enter the yearly tournament and to spectate the tournament. The tournament is held in the Fumo Desert, out there they have a massive stadium built into the enviroment that they use for the tournament.


The Saiyan races numbers are pretty big, numbering well over a million. Although spread out, the Saiyan race is a prosperious society.

New GenerationEdit

The new generation still dons the Saiyan armor to remember their ancestors, but its improved and can withstand guns and more powerful beams. The new generation armor has many variations compared to the older variant and is very versatile and much more flexable and much lighter than the older varient.

Saiyan new generation

Example a new gen. Saiyan soldier, its also their formal attire

Saiyan new generation teenager

A typical teenager

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