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Planet Pardisus


Andromeda Galaxy, within no territories of existing militaries


Twice the size as Earth

Moons and suns

1 moon

1 sun


20x Earths Gravity

Legal System

King and Queen

Current King and Queen

King Tarbas and Queen Fava

Heir to throne

Prince Tarbas the second

Number of cities and smaller installations


Place within Solar System

5th Planet from its sun


Planet Saiya

The capital city with its "moon" in the background

Paradisus was the original homeworld of the Saiyan race, first thought to be destroyed by the legendary Super Saiyan 1,000 years prior - at least said by legend. In reality the Saiyan race left the planet to pillage and ransack the known Planet Plant; also known as Planet Vegeta. Their spaceship crashed on the planet keeping them from returning so they started to live on the Planet for years on end. Slowly the original homeworld was forgotten. But after Frieza destroyed the Planet Vegeta, a good couple thousand survivors went to the planet spoken by their elders, the original Planet of the Saiyan Race. They heard of rustling mountain sides, badland deserts, and beautiful cities. When they reached the planet, the cities of their ancestors was already there, as was the technology, so it didn't take long for the race to take a footing again. Almost 110 years passed since the Genocide of the Saiyans, and despite their hardships, the new generation of Saiyans are living prosperously. Instead of pillaging, they are trading with neighboring planets. They still fight due to their heritage, but they don't mindlessly kill. They mostly do it for sport to sate their hunger for battle. The new King is more focused on making allies and keeping the Saiyan race a civilized race. They are now very technological - a big leap over the old Saiyan race. But despite their technological ways, they still believe in the legend of the Super Saiyan, thinking no one has reached such a form.


Planet Paradisus has a very diverse landscape, ranging from canyons, to rolling hills, to dusty badlands, to even
Planet Saiya desert

One of Planet Paradisus's many deserts

tropical forests. They have 5 major cities scattered around the planet, with 1 big city located in a valley, serving as the capital.


The Society of the new generation is very civilized, even though they still love to fight. They keep it strictly within competition and military reasons. Every year they hold a massive tournament to determine the strongest Saiyan. Its a very organized society; there is still a King system thought, but instead of separating the "Elites" and "Low Levels" they both frolic together, and now even a low level Saiyan male can mate with a Elite Female. Which means the birth rates are higher than the old generation now, instead of a low percentage of babies per year. The Saiyan birthrate is rivaling bigger species, such as Humans. They also have a very sophisticated scientific research program, promoting ways to further their knowledge so that the Saiyan race is no longer in the dark. 

Relations with other speciesEdit

Currently the Saiyan race keeps to their own solar system with in the Andromeda galaxy. Never leaving, they
Planet Saiya City

Capital City, also the center of commerce, the palace is located in middle of photo

even trade with only their neighboring planets. Since they are no longer known as a warring people, they are well known for their trading and scientific ways. Although some races still acknowledge their power.


The Saiyan races numbers are pretty big considering their high birthrate and distance between the genocide and now. They now hold a solid population.

New GenerationEdit

The new generation still dons the Saiyan armor to remember their fallen ancestors, but its improved and can withstand guns and more powerful beams. The strongest armor worn was donned by King Tarba's grand father - it withstood a RPG without breaking.

Saiyan new generation

Example a new gen. Saiyan soldier, its also their formal attire

Saiyan new generation teenager

A typical teenager

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