Earning the Fame Edit

The Panzer Elite is a nickname for the children being trained (starting at age 10 - 15) to be apart of the future Exon tank battalions. Based on Polarus (the smallest Exon moon), the Panzer Elite starts off as a chosen group of individuals from richer families paying to have their children educated to perfection. Due to Polarus' high society and high price to live, being in this school (or having a relative or child in this school is considered an extremely high honor).

Bad Company Edit

The Panzer Elite families are started usually from descendants of the original Bad Company that was the forefathers of the Exon Rebellion against the UNSC. Continuing their traditions, the Panzer Elite may be hired as mercenaries, although few governments meet their interests other then Exon itself.

Traditions Edit

The Panzer Elite children are then sent in a very controversial manner to Exon. Where they may choose 2 "servants" from the Sangheili training grounds. The family is given modes of constant communication with their children as they are taken to live with the Panzer Elite. The Sangheili are usually traditionally much younger, and grow up with their commanders, this forms an unbreakable bond. These 2 Sangheili are educated and trained to be used as loaders for the future Apocalypse Tank that Panzer Elite family will purchase.

Once training and education is complete they are further trained by the ERA after their family has finished paying for their Apocalypse Tank. The Tank may be modified however they choose. Once training is complete a group of Apocalyse Tanks are made from others from Panzer Elite families, this is known as the "Wolf Pack". Wolf Packs are extremely dangerous and have been known to spearhead invasions of planetary capitals practically by themselves. The Panzer Elite's skill surpasses that even of the legendary Exon 3rd Shock Army.

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