Oroku Saki
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The Dragon Emperor





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The Foot Clan

Oroku Saki (mainly known as the Dragon Emperor) was the head of the Foot Clan before its defeat.


Oroku Saki is cold and distant from most of his pupils and very stern, he was feared by them and he enjoyed this. However he is good at making it appear as if he does care for them to gaine their trusts through others means. It is unknown if he was always like this but whatever the case he has no intention of changing.


Early HistoryEdit

Oroku was adopted as a young man by the former leader of the Foot Clan, this happened after they witnessed him fending off muggers on the streets of Japan where he lived. For Years Oroku was trained by his master until his 21st birthday, where he was ordered to take part in the Battle of 100. After beating all his opponents he then was forced to battle his own master and slay him in battle, he did this and thus was declared the new head of the Foot Clan and took the mantle of The Dragon Emperor.

For years Oroku trained and raised young men and children to grow the Foot Clan strength, one amoung them was Kenshi Gi. Despite the Foot Clan's deep Japanese roots, Oroku knew he had to move on with the times and started allowing use of modern weapons and bombs and hiring mercenaries on terrorist missions. How many of his plans had been taken down by S.W.O.R.D, one notably was when the Avengers disabled a bomb they were planning to use to blow up a bank with. After this Oroku decided that S.W.O.R.D needed to be taken down and so he sent Kenshi and some other assassins to kill Nick Fury, as with his fall would mean the fall of S.W.O.RD.

Kenshi thought he was successful with his assassinated and Oroku then ordered his men to steal the Sword of Souls as he believed it was finally time to achieve the Foot Clan goal. Again they were successful with their mission and Oroku and one hundred members of the Nights left for a lone asteroid in space orbitting a star.

The Dragon EmperorEdit