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Orion-5 (Kacy), also known as Kacy, was a Spartan-III of Gamma company.

Halo reach oc lora by purpledragon104-d5ak861

Kacy Modern Day


"Everyday is a struggle.. everyday some new problem arises within my life to tear apart what little of my sanity remains I feel as if there is nothing left for me to live for or believe in.. I am in the middle of climbing a huge mountain the higher i go the harder it is to see and below me a black abyss full of emptiness sometimes.. i just wanna let go and fall into it"- Kacy During Training

Kacy is a psychopath and a sadist. She is completely unpredictable and feels as if she has nothing to live for. Regardless, she is usually friendly to other Spartans and veterans of the Human-Covenant War.

Early LifeEdit

Kacy was born on December 4, 2537. Her parents claimed she was a "mistake". Her father would physically abuse her and her mother frequently. Some time in 2542, her parents were killed in a car crash. A security camera revealed that the father was driving, and the mother, out of a fit of desperation, pushed the steering wheel of the car off course, and they hit an oncoming truck. The father died on impact, while the mother was able to share a last couple words with Kacy. No one knows what was said, and Kacy refuses to make any comments on it. She also owns the security camera footage of the car crash. She has never watched it herself, and only keeps it so the incident can be forgotten. She was abducted by the UNSC shortly after the incident, after a short brawl with her captors.


Kacy 1

Kacy wearing her SPI armour on Oynx

She was brought to Onyx for training with her fellow Spartan-III candidates. She preformed average, exceptionally in hand-to-hand combat, and was placed in Fireteam Zulu. During her augmentations, something went wrong and they caused her to have a menacing fear of death and have terrible nightmares. Her squad tried to help her deal with this fear and though they failed to surpress her feelings, she and her squadmates became very close friends.


After her training, her squad was sent to Reach. During the time she and her squad where stationed there, the Covenant attacked. She and her squad fought bravely in 10 different engagements. They were ordered to be sent off the planet, but they where sent on one last mission to help some civilians reach a evac point on the way there they where ambushed by 3 wraiths and a uncountable number of covies, she and a detachment of marines where sent to take out the wraiths while her squad and the remaining marines hold back the covie infantry. After bitter fighting and heavily losses kacy and 4 marines made it to the rear of the wraiths. They where able to take out one but a elite zealot came from behind and massacred the marines with a energy sword the last marine started screaming in pain and that triggered her fear of death she panicked and ran away as she ran she watched the wraiths rip apart the convoy she watched in horror as her squad was killed feeling helpless and worthless. she went back to the wraiths and massacred the the covies laughing as she killed them.she left no survivors but was wounded during the fighting, after that she hiked 20 miles to the objective and informed the commander of what happened she then was sent off world to earth to receive medical attention on.

Spartan takes aim by splinteredmatt-d4b9igi

Kacy's armour during the Fall of Reach.



After the Events on Reach she was placed into a task force called Orion, she and 4 of the remaining Spartan 3s Jack G024 Emma B002 Eli A007 and Miles G128. Orion also comprised of many odsts used to support the spartans in combat. During her time with Orion Kacy fell in love with a ODST named stephen. also around this time she started to question her loyality to the united nations space command.

The battle for EarthEdit

When the covenant first invaded earth Kacy and Orion where sent to New York city to help defend the city.


For some purpose Kacy deserted to the GoH and later the TRM. She was executed by Prisma Team during the TRM Rebellion against the UCR.

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