United Emirates of Orb
Orb flag



Government Type

Elected legislature/Aristocracy



Military Size

  • 350 million personnel (Active service)
  • 14 million (reserves)
  • 4 million (training)


20 billion

The Orb Union is a group of six Venus sized planets and several small moons in the Elara System. It is a relatively peaceful nation in the border between UCR and JSDF controlled space.


The Orb Union was formed shortly afterwards the Wraith Conflict in 2558 out of 5 UCR colony worlds in the Elara system. The UCR Space force was unable to spare the forces needed to retake the system, so the UCR recognized the Orb Union as a Independent Nation.


Orb's government consists of both an elected legislature and an aristocracy of six noble families (later five families and a Prime Minister). The leading member of the Orb government is the Chief Representative, who delegates and mediates between the political differences of the six families.


See: Orb Military

Civilian LifeEdit


A politically rising Slade Wilson worked day and night to protect human and nonhuman liberties

As Orb has no intentions of starting a war or going to war, and has been known as the "Land of Peace" by some factions, UCR and JSDF included. The Orb legislation protects the rights of any species who visit Orb, boasting a low-discrimination rate that couldn't be found in any other part of the universe. Being the most favorable home for nonhumans, the Orb Union is a recognized sanctuary for aliens such as Chiss or Grimm, which has manifested itself in the success of Mitth'raw'nuruodo and Atal'Salem Axadia.

Orb is also the first to publicly recognize and successfully integrate the Enhanced into normal society. Children with such backgrounds have a choice to attend school to expound on their knowledge of such things, while those old enough to work can find employment with the government and within the borders of each kingdom. This has unfortunately resulted in accusations of welcoming Enhanced into the Union only to weaponize them, but third party statistics show that less than 5% of registered Enhanced serve active duty in the military.

The Orb Union's primary Kingdoms are not the peak of its influence, as the Union has territories such as the Chiss homeworld of Csilla, the Grimm homeworld of Vytal, and the military complex Scarif. Small uninhabitable moons or other planets are used to harvest raw materials and Kyber crystals. Violation of or an attack on one of these territories would be considered an act of war upon the Orb Union.


Since Orb shares borders with the UCR and JSDF, its representatives and civilians are known to learn both English and Japanese. Other primary languages include Swedish and Norwegian.

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