The Orb Union Defense Force (OUDF) is the military force of the United Emirates of Orb. Originally due to Orb's neutral stance on participating in conflicts across the galaxy, the OUDF's size was limited to providing internal security for the nation and was a generally inexperienced but well trained force. However in light of recent events in the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy since 2576, the government sought to modernize and increase the size of the OUDF. The Chief Representative of the Orb Union is the commander-in-chief of the OUDF. 


Orb Naval ForcesEdit

The Orb Naval Forces is one of the uniformed services and is the main branch tasked with aerospace operations as well as transporting material and personnel to different locations. Since it's inception, the ONF was a small force of 250 warships, mostly made up of different classes of destroyers, the most common of which is the Dreadnaught class destroyer manufactured by Rendili, and refurbished former UCR cruisers serving as the primary combatants of the fleet. However as of recent times the Orb Government has been increasing the size of the ONF by introducing more modern classes of ships of both foreign and domestic designs, while retiring or refurbishing most of their current ships. For aircraft the ONF maintained fighters such as the multipurpose VF-11 and a mix fleet of transports for logistics and transportation of personnel, but are also looking to fully replace these craft with new models.

Orb Land ForcesEdit


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