Master swordsman by justinpyne-d8kn1r1

An ERA Sangheili charging during the destruction of Outcast.

CGE ExpansionEdit

Due to the TRM's early betrayals of Exon, Exon was looking for a way to "get back at the TRM" as well as find, utilize, and distribute forerunner technology that the TRM had been misusing and hoarding. The CGE decided it would be best to relieve the Sangheilios garrison and occupy the TRM turning them into a client state and disbanding their militaries as well nearly enslaving the population due to uncooperation and Exon needing a bigger workforce to churn out more materials to be distributed to the CGE. The Trading Republic of Miridiem has also had its name changed to simply "Miridiem".

Death of the Outcast/KnightsEdit

Due to Exon having former intelligence on former hostilities with some of the most senior members of Exon, Exon couldn't let these two sub factions with ties to the TRM live. Exon and the UNSC utilized information giving from ALIEN after he hacked into their data banks and gave their locations. The CGE then utilized the new Sangheili/Spartan V training program to give the trainees their first combined arms military action against an enemy. During the assualts there was surprisingly only one casualty (Reportedly where an elite obtained burns after trying to cut a coconut with an energy sword). Thel 'Chavam returned from retirment to lead his last military action against Outcast due to his former knowledge of the subfaction.

Obtaining Forerunner ArtifactsEdit

Utilizing the good relations that the Sangheili have had with the TRM, Exon ordered Sangheilios track down and find all forerunner objects with the UNSC. All forerunner objects have been acquired and distributed to the Sangheili, Exon, UNSC, and the Orb Union.


The TRM as an independant faction is gone. Sangheilios now owns their territory.

Sangheilios' territory and grip on technology increases.

TRM military has been destroyed/disbanded. Sangheilios will be opening a self militia for Miridiem's protection as well as her former colonies.

CGE has obtained many Forerunner artifacts as well as the shield work 'Little Rock'.

Sangheilios has opened diplomatic talks with the CMF in case of anger towards the decimation of a former ally.

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