Olivia is Gutens mother, Tenks step mother, and Mitsubi lover. She is by extension Saiyan royality, since her lover was a Saiyan Prince. Which keeps Tenks from officially claiming the throne.







Mitsubi = Lover -deceased-

Tenks = Step Son(deceased)

Guten = Son (deceased)

Hair Color


Eye Color



Olivia is a human scientist researching the Saiyan race along with her collegues on a Colony Planet. A Saiyan named Mitsubi found the planet after leaving Earth, thinking it was Vegeta, he landed on the planet and was showed to the hologram room by her and her collegue. Mitsubi started to get attatched to her, and accidently walked in on her room. They had a centimental moment but it was short lived as Evil Danno] came on the planet and attacked them. After beating Mitsubi, Evil Danno composed her, along with the other inhabitents. She wasnt able to witness the battle but after being cured, her and Mitsubi wsa stranded on the planet for 4 years, within that 4 year period thye had a son named Guten. When they gathered enough power they returned home and warned the group of Evil Danno, but he arrived shortly after, once again she and Guten wasnt present during the battle, but she was still able to witness Mitsubi's death, she has yet to tell Guten, much to Tenks' anger. She is still present for battles but mostly for moral support and to make sure her sons are alright.


Olivia is a fairly sized female human, she has waist length black hair, purple eyes, fair skin and she wears a white lab coat with a black undershirt and a green tie with dots. She has a white belt and a purple and green skirt along with black boots. And wears glasses.


Olivia isnt super powerful like her lover or 2 sons. But she still has some martial training. Of which she showed a little to Guten, but it isnt enough to make her a formidable opponent.