Odyssey Atlantis

The Odyssey landing at Atlantis

The Odyssey is the second Daedalus class vessel, commissioned once the Daedalus was deemed successful.


The Odyssey was originally assigned to short-range defensive missions until the third Daedalus-class ship, the Apollo, was rushed into service when the Daedalus was severely damaged due to the explosion of a planet.

Finding AtlantisEdit

The Odyssey soon led Grif and a UCR ship led by Marq to the location of Atlantis. Once the city was found, rogue ONI ships began their approach, forcing the Odyssey to depart to a nearby defense outpost to acquire a Zero Point Module. It arrived back right before ONI was able to destroy Marq's ship and take Atlantis.

The WraithEdit

The Odyssey joined the UCR defense force outside the alternate reality rift and attempted to hold back the Wraith invasion. As the UCR fleet faced heavy casualties, the Odyssey was forced to fall back to protect evacuation efforts, but was only able to rescue a handful of ships as the UCR fleet continued to be destroyed.

The Odyssey successfully helped defend Reque, despite heavy losses by the UCR. During the battle, the Daedalus returned from repairs and Grif then returned to the Daedalus. It later joined the assault on the alternate reality rift and defended the Korolev while it successfully destroyed the rift. Since then, it has resumed its normal duties.


  • The Odyssey's beam weapons are slightly weaker than the Daedalus's, but charge slightly faster and use slightly less energy.
  • Until the Phoenix's introduction, it typically acted as the "backup" Daedalus-class ship for the Adventure Group.

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